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DATE /2018/01/05
TITLE /TPUCO Develops Economical Grade Water Based PU Adhesive

TPUCO Develops Economical Grade Water Based PU Adhesive;

Item No.: WPU-70-17GLW & WPU-70-17GHW


Taiwan PU Corporation is introducing a wide range of economical grade water based polyurethane (PU) adhesive products. The new products are mainly used as shoe adhesive. Comparing with TPUCO’s other water-based PU products, the new water based adhesive system, which is called WPU-70-17GLW and WPU-70-17GHW, simply provides a fresh way for shoes manufacturers to cut down cost, but still keeps the high value-added function of low environmental pollution.


TPUCO has been working for more than twenty years on the development of water-based polyurethane. Since water is used as diluent, the new water based PU adhesive not only is environmental friendly, but also have the following advantages:

  1.        Easy operation

2.        Long pot-life

3.        Long tack time

4.        High bonding strength

5.        Excellent water resistance

6.        Excellent yellowing resistance

7.        Good heat resistance

Most importantly, the users can be able to embrace a green and healthy business by using WPU-70-17GLW and WPU-70-17GHW.


As a leading manufacturer of high-tech polyurethane materials, TPUCO believes that inventing cost-efficient ecological product is the only way to accelerate the development of green polyurethane usage.


Find more product information at: http://taiwanpu.com/products_list.asp?title_seq=408