PU Sealing Resin (CPU-55-A/B)

Key feature

● Hardness: 53A

● Mixing ratio: 1:2

● Pot life: 20-25min

● Good softness and bonding

Good resistance to alkalinity of concrete

● Excellent elasticity

● Easy operation


1. Casting, bonding, coating, molding and abrasion-resistance for industrial products. 

2. Waterproofing, encapsulation, filling, casting andbonding for electronics and electrical parts. 

3. Duplication for embossed tile and other finished concrete products.

System Specification
Item no.
Dark yellowish-translucent liquid
Transparent liquid
2,800 cps
6,000 cps
Product Characteristic & Processing parameters

Mixing Ratio (wt:wt)

1 : 2

Pot life

20-25 mins @25°C

Curing time

7 hrs


53 Shore A

Tack free time 

2 hrs and 35 mins

Tensile Strength

50 kgf/cm2


230 %

Tear Strength

30 kgf/cm


1. Hardness 53 shore A 
2. Medium hardness and good elasticity 
3. Easy to operate 
4. Stable size and curing at room temperature 
5. Good softness and bonding 
6. Good resistance to alkalinity of concrete

Operation Process

1. Weigh hardener CPU-55-B first and pour it into a mixing container to lubricate the sides of the container. 

2. Weigh CPU-55-A then pour it into the same mixing containerand mix thoroughly for 1-2 min with stir
    speed 100-200 rpm. (Please do not stir with high speed.) 

3. Place the container into vacuum machine to exhaust the air twice for 1-2 min each time. (This step could
    be neglected if one does not have a vacuum machine.)  

4. Pour the mixed material into the molds (The molds should be applied to the release agent in advance.) or
    direct use.


Notice:These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.