Two Parts Spraying Polyurea Elastomer CPU-107-329A-A/B

Key feature

● Hardness: 86-90 shore A

● Mixing ratio: 1:1 by volume

● 100% solid content

● Fast curing

● High chemical resistance

● No catalyst content


1. Highway and bridge overlays

2. Watertight coating

3. Roller, other casting elastomer replacement

4. Protective coating

5. Spray-mold type

6. Abrasion-resistant coating

7. Pipe coating

8. Industrial coating

9. Roof and deck coating

10. Construction coating


CPU-107-329A-A/B two component pure polyurea spraying elastomer. It has more outstanding reaction characteristic, physical properties, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance than the general type spraying elastomer.


1. Great chemical resistance.

2. Water insensitivity- The curing of CPU-107-329A-A/B is affected very little by dampness, humidity.

3. 100% solid content- Without the aid of solvents or diluents that can evaporate and pollute the


4. Excellent physical properties - Including elongation, tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

5. Consistent reactivity- No catalysts content.

6. Fast reactivity and curing- Generally gel within 3-5 seconds after mixing and cured to walk on within 30

    seconds. Can be sprayed on sloped or vertical surface without drips or runs.

Physical Property





High reactivity polyethamine, content chain extender

Methylene Diphenyklene Dissocyanate (MDI) base prepolymer.

Density (g/cm3)



Temperature setting ()

50 - 60

60 - 65

Mixing ratio (by volume)


Elongation at break (%)

> 490

Tear strength (kg/cm)

> 70

Tensile strength (kg/cm2)

> 170

Hardness (shore A)

88 ± 2

Output pressure setting for machine

110 - 120 bar

Storage & Shelf life

The components are sensitive to moisture. Therefore, they must be stored in tightly sealed containers.

Moisture absorption by the B component will cause the formation of insoluble aggregate such as skin development. If the prescribed storage temperature of 25±5 is adhered to, the shelf life is 6 months.


CPU-107-329A-A: 200kg/18kg blue drum.

CPU-107-329A-B: 200kg/18kg red drum.


Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.