Butyltin-free Water-based Hardener (WPU-26-00D)

Key feature

● Non-yellowing aliphatic grade

● Butyltin free

● Enhance water, solvent and heat resistance

Technical Product Data


Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid

Solid Content

100 %


1150 ± 350 cps


18 ± 1 %


WPU-26-00D is a non-yellowing aliphatic and butyltin-free polyisocyanate that can act as crosslinking agent for aqueous polymer dispersions. The improvement of dispersions film properties such as heat, water, and solvents resistance can be achieved by its crosslinking.

Using method

1. Adding 4% WPU-26-00D by weight to the thickened dispersion and mix by agitator at 500-800 RPM for
    10-15 mins, use up in 2 hours.

2. Don’t seal the container due to CO2 will evolve when hardener mixes with cement.


1. Easy to react with moisture and generate CO2 , thus seal the container when not in use.
2. Should be kept in tightly closed containers at 5-40℃.


Net 200 kg per drum

Net 1 kg per can ; 15 cans per carton.

Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.