Water-based hardener (WPU-70-62I)

Key feature

Solid Content: 50±2%

NCO content: 10±1%

Solvent component: Ethyl Acetate

Improve heat resistance of adhesive

Enhance water resistance of adhesive


1. WPU-70-62I is a water-emulsifiable polyisocyanate.

2. Cross-linking action enhances heat resistance performance, water resistance, resistance toward plasticizers and organic solvents for cement.

3. WPU-70-62I serves as a cross-linking agent for aqueous PU dispersions.



Nearly colorless or Light-yellowish liquid


< 100 cps (VT-04/25℃)

Main Component


Solid Content

50 ± 2 %


10 ± 1 %

Solvent components

Ethyl Acetate

Storage temperature

5 - 40℃


1. Add 3-5% WPU-70-62I by weight to the Water Based PU adhesives and mix by agitator at 300-500 RPM for 8-10 mins, use up the mixed cement within its pot life (2 hours)

2. Add 1% more WPU-70-62I during raining days and high humid days.

3. When mixed with PU dispersions, it will generate CO2, so don’t seal mixed cement.


1. Over exposure to water / moisture will cause the hardener turn viscous and cure itself.

2. WPU-70-62I should be kept in tightly sealed containers at temperature between 5-40℃. Below this storage temperature WPU-70-62I may partly crystallize.

3. When the product is transferred from one container to another, must prevent its over exposure to water, including moisture in the air .

4. After pouring out from the original containers, containers of WPU-70-62I should be made of glass or aluminum .

5. Close the cap of container tightly when not use, should be sealed well to prevent it reacting with moisture.


 1kg/aluminum can.