Compare smooth PU round belt and PU rough belt

PU round belts are a belt which is round shape. They are designed for transmission or conveying application, including smooth belt and rough belt. Here is a brief introduction for these two types of PU round belts.

Smooth PU round belt has glossy and slippery surface. It has high elasticity, good tensile strength, tear strength, oil resistance and abrasion resistance. Because of its smooth surface, contamination or dirt is not easily stuck on the PU belt and even if any contamination is stuck, the belt is easily cleaned. Smooth PU round belt is suitable for light to medium-duty power conveying, like onion conveying.

PU rough belt has outstanding physical property, tear strength, tensile strength, good heat resistance, bending resistance and abrasion resistance. Rough surface increases its COF. It is suitable for medium-duty power conveying, long conveyor length and heavier conveyed load. Compared with smooth PU round belt, PU rough belt has wider applications.

PU round belt widely replace leather belt. For instance, leather belt is used on traditional sewing machine. Leather belt often slips. If leather belt is replaced by PU rough belt, slipping problem can be solved and PU rough belt is more durable.

PU round belts have a wide range of size, low noise, stable transmission, easily joined and easily replaced for a new one so they are very suitable to be used on transmission equipments. As long as the required diameter of PU belt is confirmed, you can join the PU belt by yourself. PU transmission belt can be applied on the following applications: packaging machine, sewing machine, can conveyor, paper roll & paper board factory and so on.

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