Comparison of silicone and PU mold rubber

RTV silicone rubber is widely used to make molds for statue, cement wall decoration, concrete column, artificial stone, ornaments and millwork because RTV silicone rubber is easy to operate, has soft hardness and can be cured at room temperature. However, price of silicone rubber goes higher and higher gradually, so many mold makers change to use polyurethane rubber for mold making due to lower cost.

In addition to price concern, compared to silicone rubber, PU mold rubber is totally solvent free, more eco-friendly. PU rubber also has better physical properties, like tear strength; hence, it is more durable than silicone mold rubber.

Since TPUCO PU rubber systems are in very low viscosity, they are very suitable to make delicate molds and molds with detailed designs. The finished products made from our PU rubbers are white, so they are easily painted and colored. We list a brief comparison chart between silicone mold rubber and PU mold rubber as below for your reference.
  Silicone mold rubber PU mold rubber
Price Higher Lower
Process method
Solvent type
(Heating is required if necessary.)
Solvent and solvent free type
(Heating is required if necessary.)
Adhesion Normal
(Release agent is not required, but can be used if necessary.)
(Release agent is required.)
Tear strength & Tensile strength Normal Excellent
Pot life & Demold time Bigger adjustment range Smaller adjustment range
Solvent resistance Normal Excellent
Water resistance Excellent Excellent
Low temperature resistance Excellent Normal
High temperature resistance Normal Excellent
Weather resistance Excellent Normal
Optical transmittance Normal Excellent

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PU mold rubber