TPU material

TPU material
* Introduction of TPU

TPU, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, is an elastomer formed by the reaction of a polyol, a chain extender and a diisocyanate. TPU is an environmentally friendly plastic elastomer without plasticizer, and it can be used in various industries.

* Properties of TPU

TPU has properties between the characteristics of rubber and plastic, and it has excellent tensile force. The followings are key properties of TPU:

1. Outstanding wear resistance and impact resistance
2. Excellent cold resistance: TPU still has great flexibility below -35℃
3. Excellent high-temperature performance: TPU can bear high temperature above 120℃
4. Great load bearing capacity
5. Resistance to oxidation
6. Great oil and water resistance
7. Easy processing
8. High elasticity across the entire hardness range

* Applications of TPU

TPU is applied in the following fields:

1. Apparel: waterproof and breathable coatings of down jackets, raincoats and wind-coats , etc.
2. Automobile: car seats, insulated panels and tires, etc.
3. Shoes: upper and vamp linings of climbing boots, snow boots and skating shoes, etc.
4. Medical use: wound dressings, surgical gowns, tubes, gloves and airbags of operating beds.
5. Defense supplies: aircraft fuel tanks, military water bags, and life vests, etc.
6. Industrial goods: acoustic panels, waterproof strips, and asbestos, etc.

* Types of TPU and processing methods of TPU

TPU is a linear segmented block copolymer composed of soft and hard segments. Soft segments, polyether, provide flexibility, good bearing capacity and high temperature tolerance. Hard segments, aromatic, provide low temperature tolerance, hydrolysis resistance, toughness and resilience.

TPU can be processed in various ways, such as injection, extrusion, mold blowing, blowing, spinning, etc. Injection and extrusion are the most common processing methods, which hold up to 70% or more. Injection is most used in manufacturing shoe soles, heels bands, etc, while temperature, pressure and molding cycle are the basis of injection molding products. Extrusion is most used in plastic pipes and plastic films, because extrusion molding products require good bear capacity, wear resistance and pliability.

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