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Polyurethane Dispersion

Polyurethane Dispersion for Textile

  • Key features:
    - Appearance: white liquid
    - Viscosity: <2000cps
    - Excellent yellowing resistance
    - Good hydrolysis resistance
    - Softness and hardness feelings are available
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Product Introduction

This series of polyurethane dispersion is designed for using on breathable-water proof fabric and use for foam layer of synthetic leather.
Article WPU-3-722AK WPU-3-723AK WPU-3-A00I WPU-3-973AK
Appearance White liquid White liquid White liquid Semi-translucent liquid
Aliphatic/Aromatic Aliphatic Aliphatic Aliphatic Aliphatic
Solid content 50±1% 50±1% 45±1% 35±1%
PH value 7.5~8.5 7.0~8.0 7.5~8.5 7.0~8.0
Viscosity < 2000 cps < 1000 cps < 2000 cps < 500 cps
Particle charge Anionic Anionic Anionic Anionic
100% Modulus 30~40 kg/cm2 80~90 kg/cm2 15~25 kg/cm2 80~90 kg/cm2
Tensile strength > 380 kg/cm2 > 400 kg/cm2 > 300 kg/cm2 > 400 kg/cm2
Elongation at break > 380 % > 350 % > 450 % > 350 %
Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.
  1. This series of waterborne polyurethane performs excellent hydrolysis resistance and non-yellowing property.
  2. Hand feeling (soft grade to hard grade): WPU-3-A00I<WPU-722AK<WPU-3-723AK=WPU-3-973AK.
Attention in use
  1. The waterborne polyurethane should be stored in a cool environment away from sunlight and excessive heat.
  2. Plastic-lined container are recommended. Carbon steel and copper should be avoided.
  3. This series of waterborne polyurethane has a storage life of at least 6 months if collected stored.
PE Plastic drums -120 kg net
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