Product Details
Quick Connect Twisted belts

Quick Connect Twisted belts

  • Key features:
    - Easily and quickly installed
    - No need to drop the line-shaft to install the belt
    -Eliminate costly downtime
    - Can use most size of stainless steel metal or plastic
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Product Introduction

Quick Connect Twisted belts are used as quick-fix replacement belts for round O-Ring drive belts. This innovative belt has many distinct advantages over other repair type belts. And Quick Connect Twisted belts are mounted with the hook open, which is being closed with pliers once the belt is sitting in the right place. Quick Connect Twisted belts is easily and quickly installed in the field without dismantling drive shafts.
Material: Polyurethane
Color: Any colors is available
Size: All customized sizes are available (Please measure length from tip to tip, excluding hook)
Technical Product Data
Hardness (Shore A) 83
Am bient Operating Temperature (℃) -20~60
Production method Extruded moulded
Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens

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