Product Details
Piston for Concrete Pump

Piston for Concrete Pump

  • Key features:
    - Anti aging
    - High tear resistance
    - Abrasion resistance
    - Excellent in toughness
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Product Introduction

Application in building engineering machinery pump truck, car pump, pump, mortar pumps and other mechanical equipment concrete pipe conveying process guidance, the role of lubrication.
It has high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, low friction coefficient.
Produce according to customized requirements.
Technical Product Data
Hardness (Shore A) 80
Tear strength (kg/cm) 140
Tensile strength (kg/cm2) 400
Taber abrasion (mg) 5.00
Elongation (%) 900
Compression set (25%) 25
Notice: These values are based on the test of our present laboratory test specimens.