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Urethane Mold Repair Adhesive

Urethane Mold Repair Adhesive

Item no.: CPU-49-91J-A/B

  • Key features:
    - Mixing ratio: 10:1
    - High bonding strength
    - Working time 30-40 mins
    - Curing time 12-16 hours
    - Excellent water and weather resistance
    - Suitable to bond with varied materials
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Product Introduction

Product Introduction
CPU-49-91J is a urethane-modified-epoxy-based two-component adhesive. It can be used as PU rubber mold repair adhesive. Moreover, CPU-49-91J demonstrates excellent bonding, water, and weather resistance properties, perfect for wall and floor tile adhesion to fix almost all tiles in many challenging environments. CPU-49-91J can be applied to various surfaces such as metal, glazed tiles, and timber as well.
  1. Adhesion and repair of PU rubber mold
  2. Wall and floor tile adhesive for partition of bathroom, kitchen…etc.
  3. Adhesion for metal, wood, glass, and concrete…etc.
  4. Sealing of calcium silicate board…etc.
Technical Data
Items Criteria (CNS-12611) CPU-49-91J
Appearance   yellowish brown
Mixing ratio   A:B=10:1
Storage stability No notable change in volume and viscosity No change
Confirm after complete cure The adhesive looks bright after mixing Bright
Adhesive strength Standard 6 (58.5) or above above 12
Dry and wet 3 (29.4) or above above 6
Thermal deterioration 3 (29.4) or above above 6
Variation at low temperature 3 (29.4) or above above 6
Dry and in water 3 (29.4) or above above 6
Warm water 3 (29.4) or above above 6
Alkaline water 3 (29.4) or above above 6
Thermal endurance Stable after hanging 4.5kg loading at 60℃ for 24 hours stable
Displacement resistance No irregularity regularity
*These items are provided as general information only. They are approximate values and are not considered part of the product specification.
  1. Clean the surface of the substrates before applying the adhesive
  2. The material should be used immediately after mixing within 30 minutes
  3. Wear protective clothing and gloves to prevent any contact
  4. To prevent ambient environment from damage cover or protect it with cloth
Component A: 10 kg / pail.
Component B: 1 kg / pail.
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