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  Injection Molding TPU Granule

Injection molding TPU granule is thermoplastic polyurethane. It is designed to make the parts, shoe soles, shoe decorations, labels, animal ear tags, o-rings, load wheels, castor wheels, skate wheels…etc. by injection molding.

Our injection molding TPU granule contains polyester base, polyether base and polycaprolactone polyol base. Polyester based TPU granule is general grade and has lower price. Polyether based TPU granule has better hydrolysis resistance and low temperature resistance. If the finished parts are used in contact with water or in cold environment, polyether based TPU granule is recommended. Polycaprolactone polyol (PCL) base has outstanding oil resistance and better mechanical property. It is generally used to make the finished parts in contact with oil.

We supply injection molding TPU granule in a wide range of hardness and different physical property. We only display our popular grades on website. We can develop special TPU granule depending on customer’ s specific requirement.